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Episode 11: ReAX and the AV Control Revolution – Real Talk with Paul Harris at Aurora Multimedia

Join host Michelle Loret as she welcomes her guest:

Paul Harris – CEO at Aurora Multimedia

The discussion:

  • Aurora Multimedia, Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 Top Pick (the First Ten) – ReAX open source, non-proprietary control system
  • Paul is an engineer and programmer, he discusses programming in JavaScript
  • Paul talks about Core Creator – drag and drop tools
  • “Put up or shut up” – delivering the quality product and service
  • Not just another control system (Paul explains why)
  • Michelle talks about “flip the script”
  • Paul discusses strategy for marketing ReAX, building the community and launch
  • Some Aurora control history, leading to the refresh
  • Paul recently appointed Chairman of the HDBaseT Alliance’s AV Work Group
  • HDBaseT future discussion (the death of HDBaseT has been misreported…)

Listen to ReAX, and Real Talk with AV industry innovator Paul Harris.

Episode 10: Projecting the Perfect Image – A Look Into the Science Behind the Screen with Stewart Filmscreen

This episode is sponsored by Stewart Filmscreen

Join co-hosts Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests:

Shannon Townley – President and CEO at Stewart Filmscreen

Mark Robinson – VP of Customer Experience at Stewart Filmscreen

The primary points of this podcast discussion:

  • Why Stewart Filmscreen’s commitment to delivering 16K+ resolution screens since 1947, and long-standing preparedness for higher resolutions matters
  • How Stewart Filmscreen originated and continues to develop next-gen ALR screens – 20+ year history includes stalwart products GrayMatte, GrayHawk, and Firehawk, as well as the new Phantom HALR​

Learn more: reference articles and resources 

Stewart GrayHawk

Stewart FireHawk 

The Stewart FireHawk Screen: How it Works

  • Vertical integration and proprietary chemical compositions ensure Stewart Filmscreen products stand the test of time
  • HALR – why the designation ​exists, what makes ​it different, and why the difference matters to end users

Learn more: reference articles and resources

Stewart Phantom HALR

CE Pro Hands On: Stewart Phantom HALR Screen Redefines Video Projection 

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens and the Laws of Physics

  • What the commercial integrator (along with customer) needs to know
  • Stewart Filmscreen and elite partners ​

Learn more: reference articles and resources 

Stewart Filmscreen Partners with Top Projector Manufacturers 

Stewart Filmscreen Joins USAV, a PSA Company, as a Preferred Manufacturer Partner

Along with the most demanding critics in the world – including Hollywood elite, post-production facilities, and those seeking the best image possible for any application imaginable.

Episode 9: Crestron and Zoom – a Dynamic Example of UC Technology Partnership in the AV Industry

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Joseph Sarrasin – Product Line Manager – Unified Communications at Crestron Electronics

Jimmy Vaughn – UC Technical Product Manager at Crestron Electronics

Wayne Driggers – Channel and Strategic Alliances Leader at Zoom Video Communications

Joe and Jimmy begin talking about Crestron, and how the company has expanded beyond control and automation with other technologies including audio and especially UC. They talk about Crestron’s UC product Mercury, and discussion of bringing the technology to the Zoom world (in 2017). Wayne picks up on this talking about Zoom, its beginning, and rise in the industry. He talks about the simplicity of Zoom software, as well as CEO Eric Yuan – his leadership and his happiness mantra. He also refers to Gartner rankings for Zoom.

Next all talk about InfoComm 2018, Joe and Jimmy discuss the expanded relationship with Zoom at the show (which began at InfoComm 2017), discussing Mercury as well as bringing TSW series Touch Screens into the Zoom ecosystem with native Zoom Rooms interface, enterprise grade hardware also controlling the room with enterprise-grade network security. All talk about the partnership in terms of working together on these solutions, with discussion of the collaboration that takes place between the companies and expanding the ecosystem play. Wayne also talks about building the right ecosystem, focused on this relationship.

Jimmy talks about Crestron going to Zoomtopia this year, along with looking forward to the 4:00 meetings the two companies have. Wayne adds how customers can sense how certain companies work well together. Joe and Jimmy talk about the focused approach on unified communications, where all others products and solutions, including collaboration, are handled by others in the company. Corey then brings up Enterprise Connect, and talks with all about EC and InfoComm, comparing and contrasting. Wayne talks about video saturation now as a result of innovation and the greater ease of interaction.

Corey asks how all view UC in the industry now (along with partnering), and then in the future. Corey and Wayne also finish talking about Eric Yuan and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Episode 8: The Iconic, the Digital and the Transformative in Integration – a Discussion with Shure Incorporated

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Chris Merrick – Global Marketing Director – Integrated Systems at Shure Incorporated

Corey begins by talking with Chris about his position, along with his return to the AV industry with Shure, the company, globalization and more.

Next, Corey provides the following words and terms for Chris to respond to in terms of Shure, the industry, integrators, and end users as well:

  • Iconic
  • Trendsetting
  • Digital evolution
  • Convergent technology
  • Transformative solutions
  • AV

The conversation concludes with discussion of InfoComm 2018, as Chris talks about what Shure will be presenting in microphone and audio solutions (including Microflex Complete Wireless, launched at ISE 2018), along with showcasing Shure Audio Institute and software at the show.

(Note: Shure is a Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 sponsor)


Episode 7: Nureva – Transformative Collaboration Solutions That Are Re-Defining the Collaborative Process

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Nancy Knowlton – President and CEO at Nureva

Corey begins talking with Nancy about Nureva the company and their beginnings – which also includes discussion of her former company SMART Technologies. Nancy also talks about how Nureva acquired a deeper understanding of what it is that people actually want to do when it comes to collaboration along the way, and bringing the Nureva Span System to the market.

Discussion of moving into the digital world follows, and Nancy includes reference to being transformative. Corey brings up how collaboration has become such a broad topic, and how the collaboration space is being re-defined with the newer “visual collaboration” category – Nancy follows this up in terms of discussing enhanced technologies along with thought processes for collaboration through Nureva solutions.

Corey discusses cloud and software in the industry, leading to discussion of the new Nureva Wall (which debuted at ISE 2018), and Nancy defines how the product provides a major benefit for visual collaboration as a hardware solution, along with how they decided to offer Span software separately.

Next is discussion of the HDL300 audio conferencing system and Nancy talks about how the system fits well in the huddle space as well as larger meeting room spaces – she details the HDL300 technology approach and Microphone Mist with 8,192 virtual microphones, and includes Dave Martin (Chairman of the Board at Nureva) in the conversation. Dave is mentioned as an industry innovator (and Nancy points to the team as well).

Corey explains how the theme for Convergent AV at InfoComm 2018 is transformative solutions, and Nancy elaborates on what they will be doing at the show based on this. She also talks about being in the collaboration space for quite some time, and how people are finally experiencing the benefits of collaboration now more than ever, as the space continues to transform.

Nancy finishes the discussion talking about Nureva being a TIDE Conference Global Partner, (taking place at InfoComm on June 5th), and mentions that they’ll be at the UBTech Conference as well.

(Note: Nureva is a Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 sponsor)

Episode 6: Collaborative Visualization, Technology Evolution and AV/IT Convergence with InFocus

Join host Michelle Loret as she welcomes her guest:

Brady O. Bruce – Chief Marketing Officer at InFocus

Michelle begins talking with Brady about ISE 2018 and what InFocus accomplished at the show. Brady discusses their new laser projector line, including an ultra-short throw that were launched there.

Next Michelle talks with Brady about how InFocus pivoted in 2016 with several acquisitions, including Jupiter Systems. Brady discusses this as an innovative technology evolution for the company highlighting specific solutions – to go with the company’s Mondopad and JTouch – including ConX (acquisition of Avastar) and Canvas (Jupiter).

Michelle and Brady discuss Pixelnet 2.0 distributed display wall system, launched in January (the original Pixelnet launched in 2008). Brady talks about how customers have been reliant on the most crisp image that can attain, and he details that along with numerous benefits of the solution, including how IT budgets can stretch with it.

There’s also breaking InFocus news revealed here by Brady, a widely-scalable product which provides an easy and affordable way to connect and share documents and data in the conference room which will be launched at InfoComm 2018 – listen in for it.

(Note: InFocus is a Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 sponsor).

Episode 5: Technologies, Trends, Collaboration and the Creative Process in Moviemaking

Join host Corey Moss he welcomes his guests:

Kenneth Williams – Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at ETC – Entertainment Technology Center @ USC

Peter Jackson – Chief Executive Officer at Bluescape

Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California (ETC @ USC) is a think tank and research center that brings together senior executives, innovators, thought leaders, and catalysts from the entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and services industries along with the academic resources of the University of Southern California to explore and to act upon topics and issues related to the creation, distribution, and consumption of entertainment content.

Bluescape is a visual collaborative workspace designed to elevate your work. It empowers you to Create, Collaborate, and Innovate across your entire enterprise. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is a cloud-based, software as a service company based in Silicon Valley, CA and owned by Haworth Inc., a privately owned, +$2B leading provider of workplace design, products, and technology solutions.

To begin, Ken provides an overview of ETC – Entertainment Technology Center @ USC and what they do, the organization’s mission, and the services they offer their members.

Next, Ken and Peter discuss what is driving the way Entertainment & Media (E&M) companies are using emerging technology in their craft today:

  • What are the challenges E&M companies are trying to solve?
  • How has content creation changed and distributed?
  • How has consumers’ consumption and experience of content changed?
  • What are the top disruptive changes happening in the industry?
  • Where is the use of technology with this industry heading towards?

Next is discussion about what has changed in the design, creative and production process as it relates to workstreams, collaboration, data and more (certain major studios are mentioned):

  • The convergence  of collaboration across teams: production, marketing and distribution
  • Why is the integration of dispersed teams needed in workstreams?
  • Provide several examples of technology and team’s use to do their jobs better
  • What’s working in the ways teams collaborate?
  • What advantages or benefits are E & M companies seeing through better creation, sharing and production of content and collaboration?

Finally Ken talks about ETC work as he shares:

  • An overview of the ‘Wonder Buffalo’ short film project
  • Key learnings and outcomes focused on next gen technology exploration short film (Peter adds here too)
  • What’s next for ETC, as well as new programs

Episode 4: The Almo E4 AV Tour Spring Podcast – Washington, DC and Dallas, TX

The discussion: The Almo E4 A/V Tour

Your destination for the latest industry innovation

Explore new concepts, Exchange ideas with industry veterans, get Educated on the latest trends and Experience the technology that changes how people communicate and learn. We bring all of this together to create a one-day event in cities across the country with CTS certified courses, the latest AV technology and networking for resellers, end-users, consultants & integrators.

Notice the four E’s – they will be discussed in the podcast.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The award-winning E4 AV Tour is coming to the Washington DC area in March! Come experience it for yourself – register here for FREE.

E4 Dallas (Hyatt Regency Dallas, Dallas, TX) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The award-winning E4 AV Tour is coming to the Dallas area in April! Come experience it for yourself – registration is free. Stay tuned for more information.

Two major former pro football players will be delivering keynote addresses at each event – Joe Theismann will be in DC, you’ll hear about the other.

AV over IP will be addressed by Gary Kayye.

Corey Moss talks with Melody Craigmyle, Vice President of Marketing, Pro A/V Divison – tune in to hear about one of the big nationwide events of the year in AV.

Episode 3: Sonic Foundry Discusses Report from Wainhouse Research Highlighting Need for Growing Adoption of Streaming Video in Healthcare Industry

The discussion: Wainhouse report shows that healthcare organizations that haven’t implemented video technology are less productive, have higher travel costs and are missing opportunities to connect with patients.

The constant rollout of new pharmaceutical programs, the heated debate about the Affordable Care Act and the shift toward digitization of patient records are contributing to rapid evolution that introduces the need for new tools to improve healthcare skills training and patient care.

A report from Wainhouse Research, together with Sonic Foundry, Inc., trusted global leader for video creation and management solutions, reveals healthcare managers are embracing emerging technologies for more effective communications with their teams. The large majority — 89 percent — of healthcare managers surveyed rely on streaming video as an effective tool in their day-to-day communications.

The report, ‘Prescribing New Solutions for Communications in Healthcare’ is written by Wainhouse senior analysts Alan D. Greenberg and Steve Vonder Haar, and is based on results from a survey of healthcare executives on their deployment and perceptions of streaming technologies.

Corey Moss talks with Rob Lipps, EVP Worldwide Sales & Marketing at Sonic Foundry.

Episode 2: Digital Signage Leading to Data, Security and Privacy Discussion

A discussion took place on ‘The AV Life’ podcast Episode 53 (the topics being digital signage and New York Digital Signage Week) about data analytics and content management – which led to this discussion that also included facial detection. You’ll hear Crew member Justin Rexing, AV Design Engineer at Western Kentucky University begin the conversation, and the participants of the podcast join in:

Richard Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Stephanie Gutnik – Director of Business Development at BroadSign

Alan and Jonathan Brawn – Principals at Brawn Consulting


You can listen to The AV Life Episode 53 here