Episode 21: TanvasTouch Haptics Technology Discussion with David Anderson, President and CEO at Mimo Monitors

This episode is sponsored by Mimo Monitors.

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

David Anderson – President and CEO at Mimo Monitors

Reference for this discussion: Mimo Monitors Announces Digital Signage Partnership with Tanvas (announced June 8, 2018).

David talks with Corey about:

  • The groundbreaking haptics technology and Mimo Monitors partnership with Tanvas.
  • The Digital Signage Expo, speaking at DSE “The Haptics Revolution of Digital Signage” (Thursday 3/28 at 11:45, booth #1825)
  • Mimo Monitors’ TanvasTouch haptics technology product
  • Mimo Monitors’ roadmap for 2019 relating to Tanvas technology
  • Experiencing it at DSE

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