Episode 17: A 2019 Technology Trends Discussion with Adam Cuzzort, CTO at Prysm

This episode is sponsored by Prysm

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Adam Cuzzort – Chief Technology Officer, Solutions at Prysm, Inc.

Corey discusses the following blog with Adam (written by Adam):

Four Technology Trends That Will Shape the Workplace in 2019

  • Enterprises will prioritize using technology to create exceptional experiences
  • Technology purchases will be driven by the need for complete solutions
  • The workplace smart everything will gain traction 
  • Decisions will need to be made faster and be more data-driven

Also discussed:

  • Enterprise trends Adam expects to see in 2019
  • Biggest pain points currently facing the enterprise
  • How is Prysm going to address these trends as well as help to alleviate some of the pain points?

Listen to this insightful and informative discussion with a well-known CTO, and influencer in the audio visual tech industry.

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