Episode 16: A Discussion with Mark Concannon, CBC – AI, AR, VR and Mixed Reality in the Real World

This episode is sponsored by Concannon Business Consulting

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Mark Concannon – President and Founder at CBC

Mark Concannon is the President at Concannon Business Consulting, a leading consulting firm specializing in strategy, program/project management, business analysis, and organizational change management (OCM). Together with other creative and motivated leaders in the company, he strives to deliver not just client solutions, but also long-term results that continually drive improvement throughout the organization.

The company’s current focus is on delivering their specialized services in the automotive, hospitality, and high-tech industries. With experience in managing complex global programs to bring new consumer products to market, the team has a broad spectrum of capabilities from digital strategy to pricing strategy to vendor management and overall program execution.

Corey sits down with Mark on this episode of Convergent Tech Talk to discuss:

  • Concannon Business Consulting, the company
  • Artificial Intelligence is a commonly used term these days to describe a wide range of technology solutions – what does it mean to CBC and how is the organization involved?
  • AI as a hot-button topic in numerous industries
  • Chatbots – overview and application
  • In the corporate environment, how will AI impact employment options for the organizations implementing these solutions?
  • augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed-reality, how Mark sees each of these items
  • VR, especially in the corporate environment
  • Walmart has publicly announced their adoption of VR on scale for training purposes – what does that really look like?
  • What is a recommendation for mid-level companies and organizations to adopt VR training?

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