Episode 15: Case Study: Q-SYS Enables Large Meeting Room Integration Across Multiple Corporate Campuses at LinkedIn

Join host Corey Moss and co-host Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Ed Veeser – Advanced Applications Engineer, Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC

John Brenneis – Design Engineer at David Carroll Associates

In 2015, Linkedin, the world’s largest professional network, established a mandate to develop a media production network commensurate with the company’s scope and vision. Gary Schneider, Manager of Broadcast Systems Engineering for Linkedin Media Productions, had a vision of how to do this, and came to DCA with a unique challenge. Find out more here.

LinkedIn has of course become an essential part of how more than 500 million people build and curate their business networks. LinkedIn have applied their belief in fast, efficient and flexible networking by enlisting Q-SYS to achieve advanced integration within their large multipurpose meeting rooms across multiple corporate campuses.

Corey and Michelle talk with Ed and John about the challenges, solutions and results of this complex design and integration. You’ll also hear about John’s veteran background in the industry, which includes live events, and how it played a role in this multi-campus integration.

Read more about this case study here.

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