Episode 18: Almo Pro A/V – Exclusive U.S. Distributor for Ecler Audio Products

This episode is sponsored by Almo Pro A/V

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Rob Ziv – Director of Business Development at Almo Pro A/V

Luis Hinojar – Sales Director at Ecler

Corey discusses the following news item with Rob and Luis:

‘Almo Professional A/V Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor for Ecler Audio Products’

An excerpt from the news article (1/16/19):

Almo Professional A/V, the Pro AV industry’s Favorite Distributor, today unveiled it is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Ecler Audio Products. As a result, Almo partners now have access to the complete line of Ecler speakers, audio players, matrixes, amplifiers and audio accessories.

The Ecler line of audio products rolls up into Almo’s Sound Options dedicated audio sourcing and technical engineering group. Ecler is exhibiting in the Sound Options booth during Almo’s award-winning E4 education, networking and product showcase, which stops in Chicago in March and Los Angeles in April.

Read the full article here.

Rob and Luis detail the following in this discussion:

  • Their companies
  • The strategic relationship between the companies
  • How this benefits Almo integration partners
  • The partnership – technology and business
  • Ecler technology, design, brand identity
  • Ecler – “not just another audio brand”
  • Certain Ecler audio products (loudspeakers, amplifiers and matrixes)
  • Seeing Ecler products at different trade shows, including the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour
  • Integrators and Ecler products, including specification and advantages
  • A statement about audio

Episode 17: A 2019 Technology Trends Discussion with Adam Cuzzort, CTO at Prysm

This episode is sponsored by Prysm

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Adam Cuzzort – Chief Technology Officer, Solutions at Prysm, Inc.

Corey discusses the following blog with Adam (written by Adam):

Four Technology Trends That Will Shape the Workplace in 2019

  • Enterprises will prioritize using technology to create exceptional experiences
  • Technology purchases will be driven by the need for complete solutions
  • The workplace smart everything will gain traction 
  • Decisions will need to be made faster and be more data-driven

Also discussed:

  • Enterprise trends Adam expects to see in 2019
  • Biggest pain points currently facing the enterprise
  • How is Prysm going to address these trends as well as help to alleviate some of the pain points?

Listen to this insightful and informative discussion with a well-known CTO, and influencer in the audio visual tech industry.

Episode 16: A Discussion with Mark Concannon, CBC – AI, AR, VR and Mixed Reality in the Real World

This episode is sponsored by Concannon Business Consulting

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest:

Mark Concannon – President and Founder at CBC

Mark Concannon is the President at Concannon Business Consulting, a leading consulting firm specializing in strategy, program/project management, business analysis, and organizational change management (OCM). Together with other creative and motivated leaders in the company, he strives to deliver not just client solutions, but also long-term results that continually drive improvement throughout the organization.

The company’s current focus is on delivering their specialized services in the automotive, hospitality, and high-tech industries. With experience in managing complex global programs to bring new consumer products to market, the team has a broad spectrum of capabilities from digital strategy to pricing strategy to vendor management and overall program execution.

Corey sits down with Mark on this episode of Convergent Tech Talk to discuss:

  • Concannon Business Consulting, the company
  • Artificial Intelligence is a commonly used term these days to describe a wide range of technology solutions – what does it mean to CBC and how is the organization involved?
  • AI as a hot-button topic in numerous industries
  • Chatbots – overview and application
  • In the corporate environment, how will AI impact employment options for the organizations implementing these solutions?
  • augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed-reality, how Mark sees each of these items
  • VR, especially in the corporate environment
  • Walmart has publicly announced their adoption of VR on scale for training purposes – what does that really look like?
  • What is a recommendation for mid-level companies and organizations to adopt VR training?

Episode 15: Case Study: Q-SYS Enables Large Meeting Room Integration Across Multiple Corporate Campuses at LinkedIn

Join host Corey Moss and co-host Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Ed Veeser – Advanced Applications Engineer, Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC

John Brenneis – Design Engineer at David Carroll Associates

In 2015, Linkedin, the world’s largest professional network, established a mandate to develop a media production network commensurate with the company’s scope and vision. Gary Schneider, Manager of Broadcast Systems Engineering for Linkedin Media Productions, had a vision of how to do this, and came to DCA with a unique challenge. Find out more here.

LinkedIn has of course become an essential part of how more than 500 million people build and curate their business networks. LinkedIn have applied their belief in fast, efficient and flexible networking by enlisting Q-SYS to achieve advanced integration within their large multipurpose meeting rooms across multiple corporate campuses.

Corey and Michelle talk with Ed and John about the challenges, solutions and results of this complex design and integration. You’ll also hear about John’s veteran background in the industry, which includes live events, and how it played a role in this multi-campus integration.

Read more about this case study here.

Episode 14: FlatFrog and Partners, Avocor – Touch Technology, Collaboration and the Future of Interaction (Continued)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Nathan Moyal – Vice President of Marketing at FlatFrog Laboratories

Dana Corey – GM and VP of Sales at Avocor

Nathan (who appeared on The Show Corner – InfoComm Post Show) joins Corey on this podcast to talk with FlatFrog partner company Avocor to discuss the following:

  • Their company
  • Differentiation in the market with FlatFrog InGlass technology
  • Partnering and working with FlatFrog
  • Touch interactive technology, collaboration and experience
  • Market segment and end user discussion
  • The future of interaction and how FlatFrog technology enters into the strategy

Episode 13: FlatFrog and Partners, Dell Monitors and Newline Interactive – Touch Technology, Collaboration and the Future of Interaction

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Nathan Moyal – Vice President of Marketing at FlatFrog Laboratories

Jason Vossler – Product Line Manager Dell Monitors at Dell

Ty Hall – Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Newline Interactive

Nathan (who appeared on The Show Corner – InfoComm Post Show) joins Corey on this podcast to talk with FlatFrog partner companies Dell and Newline, who discuss the following:

  • Their company
  • Differentiation in the market with FlatFrog Inglass technology
  • Partnering and working with FlatFrog
  • Touch interactive technology, collaboration and experience
  • Market segment and end user discussion
  • The future of interaction and how FlatFrog technology enters into the strategy

Episode 12: Acquisition, Culture and Outcome – An In-Depth Conversation with Rashid Skaf, President & CEO – Co-Chairman at Biamp Systems

Join host Michelle Loret as she welcomes her guest:

Rashid Skaf – President & CEO – Co-Chairman at Biamp Systems

The announcement on Nov 30, 2017: Industry Veteran Rashid Skaf Assumes the Helm after Leading Highlander Partners’ Acquisition of Biamp Systems

Michelle’s in-depth conversation with Rashid Skaf:

  • Some of the things you might not know about him
  • The acquisition of Biamp, organizational changes and growth
  • Thoughts concerning acquisition of a well-established industry manufacturer, along with company’s perception of change
  • How he views acquisition along with the importance of corporate culture
  • On being Senior Advisor at Highlander Partners
  • Private equity vs. venture capital, as related to the AV industry
  • His passion for communications/telecom (where he began his career)
  • A future look for Biamp
  • Closing discussion

Listen to Michelle’s engaging conversation with one of the AV industry’s most respected executives.


Episode 11: ReAX and the AV Control Revolution – Real Talk with Paul Harris at Aurora Multimedia

Join host Michelle Loret as she welcomes her guest:

Paul Harris – CEO at Aurora Multimedia

The discussion:

  • Aurora Multimedia, Convergent AV InfoComm 2018 Top Pick (the First Ten) – ReAX open source, non-proprietary control system
  • Paul is an engineer and programmer, he discusses programming in JavaScript
  • Paul talks about Core Creator – drag and drop tools
  • “Put up or shut up” – delivering the quality product and service
  • Not just another control system (Paul explains why)
  • Michelle talks about “flip the script”
  • Paul discusses strategy for marketing ReAX, building the community and launch
  • Some Aurora control history, leading to the refresh
  • Paul recently appointed Chairman of the HDBaseT Alliance’s AV Work Group
  • HDBaseT future discussion (the death of HDBaseT has been misreported…)

Listen to ReAX, and Real Talk with AV industry innovator Paul Harris.

Episode 10: Projecting the Perfect Image – A Look Into the Science Behind the Screen with Stewart Filmscreen

This episode is sponsored by Stewart Filmscreen

Join co-hosts Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests:

Shannon Townley – President and CEO at Stewart Filmscreen

Mark Robinson – VP of Customer Experience at Stewart Filmscreen

The primary points of this podcast discussion:

  • Why Stewart Filmscreen’s commitment to delivering 16K+ resolution screens since 1947, and long-standing preparedness for higher resolutions matters
  • How Stewart Filmscreen originated and continues to develop next-gen ALR screens – 20+ year history includes stalwart products GrayMatte, GrayHawk, and Firehawk, as well as the new Phantom HALR​

Learn more: reference articles and resources 

Stewart GrayHawk

Stewart FireHawk 

The Stewart FireHawk Screen: How it Works

  • Vertical integration and proprietary chemical compositions ensure Stewart Filmscreen products stand the test of time
  • HALR – why the designation ​exists, what makes ​it different, and why the difference matters to end users

Learn more: reference articles and resources

Stewart Phantom HALR

CE Pro Hands On: Stewart Phantom HALR Screen Redefines Video Projection 

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens and the Laws of Physics

  • What the commercial integrator (along with customer) needs to know
  • Stewart Filmscreen and elite partners ​

Learn more: reference articles and resources 

Stewart Filmscreen Partners with Top Projector Manufacturers 

Stewart Filmscreen Joins USAV, a PSA Company, as a Preferred Manufacturer Partner

Along with the most demanding critics in the world – including Hollywood elite, post-production facilities, and those seeking the best image possible for any application imaginable.

Episode 9: Crestron and Zoom – a Dynamic Example of UC Technology Partnership in the AV Industry

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Joseph Sarrasin – Product Line Manager – Unified Communications at Crestron Electronics

Jimmy Vaughn – UC Technical Product Manager at Crestron Electronics

Wayne Driggers – Channel and Strategic Alliances Leader at Zoom Video Communications

Joe and Jimmy begin talking about Crestron, and how the company has expanded beyond control and automation with other technologies including audio and especially UC. They talk about Crestron’s UC product Mercury, and discussion of bringing the technology to the Zoom world (in 2017). Wayne picks up on this talking about Zoom, its beginning, and rise in the industry. He talks about the simplicity of Zoom software, as well as CEO Eric Yuan – his leadership and his happiness mantra. He also refers to Gartner rankings for Zoom.

Next all talk about InfoComm 2018, Joe and Jimmy discuss the expanded relationship with Zoom at the show (which began at InfoComm 2017), discussing Mercury as well as bringing TSW series Touch Screens into the Zoom ecosystem with native Zoom Rooms interface, enterprise grade hardware also controlling the room with enterprise-grade network security. All talk about the partnership in terms of working together on these solutions, with discussion of the collaboration that takes place between the companies and expanding the ecosystem play. Wayne also talks about building the right ecosystem, focused on this relationship.

Jimmy talks about Crestron going to Zoomtopia this year, along with looking forward to the 4:00 meetings the two companies have. Wayne adds how customers can sense how certain companies work well together. Joe and Jimmy talk about the focused approach on unified communications, where all others products and solutions, including collaboration, are handled by others in the company. Corey then brings up Enterprise Connect, and talks with all about EC and InfoComm, comparing and contrasting. Wayne talks about video saturation now as a result of innovation and the greater ease of interaction.

Corey asks how all view UC in the industry now (along with partnering), and then in the future. Corey and Wayne also finish talking about Eric Yuan and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.